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Diptyque's Rebirth of Do Son

From Vietnam to Paris, from a recollection to a fragrance, from illustration to animation…

Since its initial creation at Diptyque, the perfume Do Son has always been celebrated with invention and creativity. Just last year, its virtues were extolled in a book by photographer Tim Walker; this year, Do Son experiences a creative rebirth as it enters a new medium of expression.

This iconic Diptyque perfume continues to feed the imagination and nurture artistic collaborations. Eighteen years after its creation, Do Son is entering another chapter – one filled with movement, with colors and music – in a history that is already rich in imagery and vision. A chapter that celebrates drawing, a passion inextricably bound up with the identity of the Maison, expressed here in a way that is new, dynamic, universal and cinematic. An animated film – a unique creative medium that is ideal for evoking feelings and expressions in an emotive manner.

Yves Coueslant, whose childhood memories were behind the inception of this perfume, could not have wished for a finer, more contemporary interpretation of his creation when, seated at his work table, he dreamed up and imagined Do Son. The film depicts him at this seminal moment, so typical of the Diptyque creative process in which graphic expression reigns supreme.

Dó Son, diptyques' fragrance hero

As achild, Yves Coueslant, one of diptyque's founders, spent his summers at the seaside in a pagoda that his father had built ni Do Son, close to Halong Bay. The air was cooler there, far from the humid heat of the large port in Haiphong. The sea breeze carried with it the heady and slightly spicy scent of tuberoses that his mother loved so much. Do
Son has both - the delicateness and persistence of a memory of a childhood in Indochina

These limited editions will be adorned with an embossed blue sticker
reinterpreting the iconic panorama. Thanks to the bottle's transparency, Do Son's decor comes to life in two dimensions.

A new desirable fragrance gesture..

Discover Do Son's scented Hand and Body Cleansing Gel, a new addition to the Do Son collection.

Enriched with shea butter, it both perfumes and softens the skin. The floral notes of Do Son will fill your entire bathroom, like an invitation to explore the inspiration behind Do Son.

Raw Materials
Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Jasmine

Olfactory Notes
Marine Accord


This scented soap is a true fragrance gesture, composed of a plant base enriched with sweet almond oil. It offers up a delicate lather perfumed with floral notes of the bestselling Do Son scent.

In this limited edition, Do Son is delicately embellished in blue. An evocation of fresh tuberose mingling with the sea air, the turquoise water blending into the sky in the distance and or how the mysterious fragrance permeates the night. An invitation to set your imagination adrift.


The scent of Tuberose in the wide fields of Southern India, where these fragrant white flowers are grown. From the top of their long, slender stems, they exhale a heady yet fresh and green scent, delicately nuanced with fruity, milky notes.

In this limited edition, Tubéreuse / Tuberose candle is clad in blue. An invitation to set your imagination adrift.

Burning time : 60 hours