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Aqualis exists as the equilibrium between perfume (Aqua) and the self (Qualis), where the wearer and their experiences merge with a scent to create something entirely unique.

Our focus is to create modern, intriguing perfumes of extraordinary quality, where the raw materials are the vessels for your experiences.  We make perfumes that are the backdrop to your life - that enhance moments, both the important and the everyday.


Aqualis was founded by Steyn Grobler, a South African native who has adopted London as his home.  Having graduated with an MSc in Business Management, Steyn has spent his entire career in the luxury world.  Over the last decade he has worked extensively with a number of contemporary niche fragrance brands, both in business management and fragrance development. Looking to follow his own creative path, Steyn founded Aqualis in 2015, bringing his experience and unique perspective to the world of olfaction.


Aqualis’ collection of fragrances was designed to showcase the beauty of exceptional raw materials through modern perfume compositions. In collaboration with Robertet, a world leader in the supply of perfumery materials and the composition of fragrance, Aqualis has crafted unique and intense fragrances of expert quality. Utilising the decades of expertise Robertet has to offer, Aqualis has created a versatile collection of fragrances that subvert one’s expectations of what perfume is and can be.

Like any accessory, Aqualis fragrances are essential elements in any wardrobe, providing beautiful, contemporary olfactory canvases that are finished with the personalities and experiences of those who wear them.  We create the fragrances and you bring them to life.


Golden. Rare. Precious.

Kruger takes its name from the Krugerrand, a rare gold coin minted in South Africa and named for the country’s first president. It is an opulent and exclusive perfume that evokes the intense, elemental character of nature’s most precious metal, crafted expertly from intertwining strands of spice, rose and amber.

Like a gold coin thrown into the air, Kruger catches the light. As it turns, it flickers and gleams, attracting dazzling beams in intensely golden shades. Flashes of pink pepper and bergamot in the top notes create an iridescent effect that catches the eye and makes a bold statement. Its heart is a plush ode to roses, where velvety red petals carry deep, bronze veins of glowing saffron - a rare and precious spice worth its weight in gold.

Kruger radiates with warmth and its lustre is enriched by a glowing base of intense amber. Luscious and lavish notes of tonka bean, vanilla and sandalwood amplify its brilliance and call to mind the smooth, flawless surface of gold bullion, enveloping the wearer in a soft aura that is exotic and comforting. Kruger is a luxurious and distinct perfume that showcases flawless raw materials through the unique brilliance of gold.


Cavernous. Opulent. Gilded.

Egoli draws its name from the Zulu word for Johannesburg, meaning ‘place of gold’. It honours the city’s history and growth from a small gold mining settlement into the wealthiest city on the continent. Egoli is a modern exploration of Oud - the prized resin known as liquid gold - extravagantly dosed and in perfect harmony with the rich balsamic sweetness of resins.

Housed in a bottle inspired by gold gleaming from the rocks of the Witwatersrand region, Egoli creates an instant impression of golden light. Opening with a profusion of honey-like gurjum resin and glowing amber, set against a jolt of sweet orange. A soft and subtle touch of white floralcy extends this luminous sensation into the heart. Laotian Oud is explored in all its facets: intensely smoky, surprisingly fruity and animalic. An abundance of earthy vetiver and smooth cedar provide depth and form.

Egoli takes traditional materials and combines them in a contemporary way, resulting in a plush and glistening fragrance.


Optimistic. Ritualistic. Dazzling.

Canvas is an olfactory backdrop - a fresh white page, on which you, the wearer, write your story. Boasting a sparkling impression of bergamot and a luxurious collage of white flowers, Canvas is an enveloping, spacious fragrance centred on the interplay between jasmine sambac and white musks. 

Incorporating the soft powder of iris, Canvas extends its delicate signature with a suede-like texture that is tactile and luxurious, before dissolving into a velvety swirl of plush vanilla and lavish tobacco. Canvas is a vital element in the daily ritual - the starting point in your day, what happens next however, is entirely down to you. 


Shimmering. Visionary. Diaphanous.

Blom  (“flower” in Afrikaans) creates a sense of being enveloped by a shimmering wave of fresh flowers. Taking inspiration from a childhood spent surrounded by flowers, Blom celebrates the dewy, crystalline nature of floral notes by shrouding them in a fine mist of juicy blackcurrant and sparkling bergamot. It’s a visionary perfume that celebrates entrepreneurial spirit, boasting at the heart of its bouquet, a complex and unique molecular distillation of jasmine that adds a delicate, petal-like character.

The fluidity of white musks wraps Blom in a veil of soft powder as the smooth, supple nature of woods grounds it firmly in the earth, providing a solid foundation. To wear Blom is to be embraced by flowers.


Crystalline. Ozonic. Aerodynamic.

Inspired by the free flight of exotic birds over the ocean, Brenton recreates the rush of air that curves around soaring bodies as they duck and dive through the sky. Painting an olfactory picture of Brenton on Sea, South Africa, this uniquely ozonic parfum captures the freshness of both sea and sky meeting on the horizon.

Dazzling citrus notes flutter on a cool breeze laden with salty droplets of ocean water, creating a signature that is invigorating and clear. As Brenton unfurls on the skin, it radiates with the brilliant light of orange blossom, evoking golden sunlight hitting the crest of the waves at sunset – shimmering, dancing and glittering. With time, it embodies a rich, multi-faceted texture with the smooth base of vanilla, cedarwood and musk providing a soft place to land. Brenton forges a sense of clarity, inspiring the freedom to dive into the unknown, allowing the air to lead the way.


Explosive. Creative. Enveloping.

Orion is an explosive fragrance that pays homage to creation. It is the spark that ignites an artistic mind, leading to the formation of something beautiful and exciting. With creativity at its core, Orion celebrates some of perfumery’s most influential materials - the essential building blocks of the art form - showcasing their qualities through stark contrasts.

Pairing the vivid, velvety texture of Turkish rose absolute with the heady intensity of Egyptian jasmine, Orion forges a fleshy, floral character awash with the ruby nuances of red berries. The delicacy of Orion’s flowers are contradicted by a plush, enveloping foundation of oud smoke, itself shrouded in swathes of exotic vanilla and animalic musks. Orion takes ancient codes of perfumery and twists them into a contemporary composition that bursts with energy and brilliance.


Blazing. Intrepid. Expansive.

Kalahari is an olfactory exploration of one of Namibia’s most striking and rugged landscapes. A fiery core of rose absolute pays homage to the blazing ruby sands of the Kalahari Desert.

The smoky roots of vetiver and rich tar of leather, paint the image of a glowing campfire amongst the scarlet grains that burn under the African sun, and the suede-clad wanderers who sit beside it, basking in the warmth of native woods and their flaming saffron embers.

With a drop of rum and a twist of raspberry, Kalahari Extrait contains a fleeting hint of the Brandy Bush tree - a symbol of the tenacity of humans existing in nature and the thirst for exploration - enveloped by a plush air of hazy labdanum and vanilla, creating a visceral fragrant experience as breathtaking as this most wondrous of places.


Prismatic. Unexpected. Blooming.

Inspired by one of the most unique locations in South Africa, Namaqualand is a transformative, evolutionary perfume that signifies a catalytic moment where an arid, unforgiving landscape suddenly bursts into life for one month of the year.

Opening with the crisp, dewy citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot, with the freshness of a cool morning, Namaqualand possesses the promise of a new day, presenting a moment of calm before the spark ignites. Through a pyrotechnic display of floral notes - the swirling rush of jasmine sambac, the golden flare of orange blossom, and the vibrant neon of tuberose absolute - Namaqualand displays a multicoloured tapestry of flowers that expands as far as the eye can see. This richness of colour is accented by the intense blend of noble woods, vanilla and musk in the dry down, which evoke the rich terroir from which these unexpected flowers blossom.

Namaqualand is a reminder that, even in the most unlikely of circumstances, there is always the opportunity to bloom - all one needs is perseverance.


Intense. Glowing. Igneous.

Coda represents conclusion - the coming to an end of all things; music, dance and moments in life. Coda seeks to capture the intensity of emotions in the crescendo of these finales, in a composition that is intense, fiery and distinct.

Centred on the noble, resinous note of oud, Coda is adorned with a festival of fruits and spices, dancing with cinnamon, bergamot and red berries, evoking the image of a flickering flame. The hot, savoury spice of saffron brings an exotic touch, leading Coda into its final act of blazing hot amber.  Coda is a performance of the intensity of experience - a journey of emotion that leaves a lasting impression.


Vibrant. Unconventional. Liberating.

With a neon shock, Utopia pulses brilliantly with energetic beams of white light. It speaks of a place where the freedom of expression and truth is a vital element of life. Utopia is a fragrance of harmony - a bold fragrance unconstrained by rules and conventions.
Opening with a graffiti-like splash of citrus notes, Utopia blends orange oil and apricot blossom to form an amorphous image that flirts with the idea of juicy peaches and freshly crushed passion fruits, but sits somewhere between these things - at the harmonious point in the middle.
The fizzy, earthy brilliance of patchouli brings Utopia to life, energising the composition with a crackling intensity, whilst the feeling of fluorescence is amplified through a gentle backdrop of smooth and supple sandalwood. Utopia is an unconventional and daring perfume painted in vibrant colours.