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Solution No. 1

Solution No.1, guided by Alexis Dadier, is a fresh, sporty, sexy fragrance characterized by main notes of ho wood (top), sand accord (mid), and patchouli (base). An everyday scent with ’90s undertones, it takes inspiration from the infinite textures, colors, and aromas that characterize the Earth’s sands. Ranging in hue from white to black, with thousands of off-white shades in between, these chromatic granules continuously circumvent the world on its winds and seas, contributing to a shared global culture.

Solution No. 2

An experimental blend of main notes defines Solution No.2 by Jérome Epinette as an energetic, empowered, and confident fragrance of considered contrasts. Its tangerine leaves (top), orange blossom (mid), and vetiver (base) create a fresh-woody duality that gives the solution a surprisingly addictive, elegant quality with a strong zest.

Solution No. 3

To create Solution No.3, Sidonie Lancesseur remixed classical and conceptual into a modern romantic, seductive, overt fragrance with main notes that span pink peppercorn (top), rose damascena (mid), and ambrette liquid (base). Anchored in the most beautiful and timeless of flowers, it intentionally over indexes on rose absolute from Grasse, France, offsetting the nostalgic, carnal accord with powerful ambrette musk to break existing codes.

Solution No. 4

Solution No.4 by Jérome Epinette rounds out the diverse offerings with an aromatic urban fragrance rooted in main notes of tangerine leaves (top), orange blossom (mid), and vetiver (base). The intersection of warm woods and leather conjure a streetwear spirit that extends beyond the physical and exists in harmony with its surroundings — to the point that it is also offered in the form of incense and candles.

Both the use of “Solution” for the fragrance names and the collection’s packaging evoke Abloh’s essential interest in and reconception of industrial manufacturing processes. Specifically, the bottles are formed from industrial glass made-in-Italy by Bormioli and topped with grip control knobs: replicas of the handles that close the vats found in industrial fragrance facilities.

This nuanced blurring of raw and refined also defines "PAPERWORK" Imprint face and body solid pigment crayons, which link inspiration from Abloh’s tagging gestures and street-art codes with velvety, innovative time-release formulas. Designed to be waterproof and smudgeproof, yet simple to remove, these vibrant paint sticks are also self-sharpening and paired with an emollient and conditioning setting spray for enhanced performance and longevity.

Their primary hues — Signal (red), Jet (black), Drill (brown), Zone (lime), Maze (indigo), Lucid (glauque) — reflect a simultaneously minimalistic and bold approach that urges limitless interpretation.