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Self-made perfumer, Jordi didn’t follow the traditional scent learning path and has developed his very own skills. Proud of his origins, he takes inspiration from the beauty of Spanish landscapes in order to create unique sensory experiences based on well being and happiness.

Specialist of Oriental scents he has already created several iconic fragrances for EX NIHILO including THE IRREVERENTS, THE HEDONIST, OUTCAST BLUE and SPEED LEGENDS.


The Fragrance

Master Perfumer Jordi Fernández, reinvents his iconic creation GOLD IMMORTALS through a quintessential essence. The Extrait de parfum highlights all the sensuality of GOLD IMMORTALS through a brand-new combination of scents.

This creation expresses the most sophisticated and intense facet of the original and adorned it with an addictive boost of Vanilla and Amber volutes, leaving on the skin a feeling of infinite bliss.

Olfactory Family

Jordi Fernández

Responsible Sourcing & High Quality



Synthetically extracted in the laboratory, the pear brings a delicate and fruity notes to the perfume. It has bright and fresh tonalities that match perfectly with the flowers and floriental creation.

Origin: Givaudan


The essential oil of ylang-ylang has a powerful, exotic and solar smell. Very different from white flowers, its tones are fruity, spicy, slightly animal. Delicately added in the creation, it brings sensual, lustful, wild, narcotic and luxuriant notes.

Origin: Madagascar


The Vanilla from Madagascar is part of a ‘Sourcing for Shared Value’ approach, focusing on being present at the origin of the raw material and building strong relationships with farmers. 

Origin: Madagascar