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Maison Crivelli presents Ambre Chromatique, its third perfume extract, developed in collaboration with perfumer Quentin Bisch. Thibaud Crivelli, faithful to his approach, was once again inspired by a personal event, a moment during which he experienced a powerful, surprising, and intense shock to the senses.

For this new creation, Thibaud Crivelli has chosen to work with one of the most iconic raw materials in perfumery: amber. He has taken inspiration from a trek through multicolored jungles in search of benzoin resin.

The founder's experience

"The night is dark, warm, mysterious.. Everything seems quiet, and yet the noise of the jungle is deafening, almost crippling. We set off, guided by the flickering light of a flashlight.

Every movement of the light reveals a colorful and enchanting natural setting. We move at a quick pace. Majestic trees, inaccessible canopies, intertwined lianas, multicolored birds, leaves and flowers with variegated forms... An otherworldly landscape.

We find benzoin trees; we prune them and watch a sweet nectar languidly ooze from them. The essence is warm, full-bodied and voluptuous. The sun rises, the heat remains dizzying. This colorful forest appears in a new light. Ambre Chromatique."

- Thibaud Crivelli

Spicy - Woody - Amber

Incense • Pink peppercorn • Givaudan captives • Davana • Osmanthus • Benzoin • Vanilla • Akigalawood
Concentration: 32% (vegan perfume extract)

Perfumer: Quentin Bisch

Raw Materials & Sensations

Incense & pink peppercorn
Lively, sparkling, fresh

Davana & Osmanthus – abs.
Liquor-like, fruity, smooth, warm

Benzoin & Vanilla bourbon - abs.
Amber, full-bodied, sensual,voluptuous, addictive

The perfumer's secret:
akigalawood (patchouli) to enhance the power of the note

Exceptional Orpur Ingredients

Orpur® label

Orpur® is a label created by Givaudan that is awarded to the finest, most emblematic natural perfume ingredients.

Ambre Chromatique is mainly composed of Orpur® "grand cru" raw materials: osmanthus flower from China, incense from Somalia, davana leaves from India, and cinnamon and benzoin from Laos.

Givaudan Captives

The Givaudan captives used in the creation of Ambre Chromatique guarantee the singularity of this perfume extract.

Akigalawood features the spicy qualities of pepper and the woody facets of patchouli and agarwood. This raw material gives the perfume a unique and elegant sillage.

Ambrexolide provides a creamy, lactonic, musky note with warm, powdery and velvety facets, as well as berry nuances that are reminiscent of ambrette.


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