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Juliette Has A Gun introduces Juliette!

I’m the sum of my strengths and weaknesses, of my past and present.
Ambiguous and complex, don’t try to solve the equation.
You might lose yourself in the maze of my paradoxes.
Bold and sensual, in love and untamed, I undertake them all.

Take it or leave it, I’m not here to please you. You’ll be at my feet anyway.
I am who I am, the one and only, with my secret weapon, my fragrance.

For this new creation, I wanted to reconnect with Juliette’s essence.

Launched in 2006 to shake up the niche perfumery industry, juliette has a gun continuously tried to unravel the many facets of femininity through its creations. Juliette stands as a symbol of confident complexity, of proud insubordination.

Free and passionate, Juliette leads the dance. This new fragrance, with notes of Dark Cherry, Pink Pepper and Jasmine absolute invites us to follow her captivating footsteps.

Secret weapon

Sensual whispers of Dark Cherry and Pink Pepper ignite the rhythm.

The floral Jasmine joins the dance, embraced by the bewitching Tonka bean, spinning around her neck.

With a single glance, Juliette snaps her fingers and claims her prey.