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Juliette Has A Gun Presents Lust For Sun

This new fragrance is an ode to the joy of summer. Skins offered to the sun, full of promises. Imagined a new playground for Juliette: her swimming pool. A dreamy decor, where our diva sets the rules and expects her entourage to fulfill her every desires.

Everyone gets dressed up, even the pink flamingo wears a scarf as they pose for a selfie… A playful take on the era we live in, where social media and the constant staging of our lives incite us to be ever more extravagant. With LUST FOR SUN, the summer will be bold and fabulous.


The sun is high in the azure sky. The swimming pool is clear blue. Juliette in heels just stepped on stage. Show time! The pool is her theater where she has the leading role. Her catwalk dominates with playfulness and sophistication. Her confidence is flawless. Sassy, feminine, provocative, even her flamingo can’t resist. Standing ovation. By the edge of the pool, a bottle of LUST FOR SUN : her signature fragrance.


In Juliette’s trail, bursting with light, her perfume’s sillage is nothing short of a caress. FLORAL, with notes of YLANG-YLANG, MONOI and COCONUT, a splash of LUST FOR SUN immerses you in the summertime. A sensual fragrance reminiscing of the rays of sunshine on a warm and golden skin.


Celebrating the warmth of summer, the bottle reflects the yellow shades of the hot sun. Enhanced with a dazzling metallic cap, Lust for Sun’s bottle is a radiant showcase, perfect reflection of Juliette herself.