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Molton Brown, British fragrance makers, introduce new reusable glass bottles, and Fine Liquid Hand Wash and Bath & Shower Gel Refill pouches. Since our beginning, our pioneering founders had a passion for sustainability and we’re proud to continue their journey as champions of refillable beauty. This expanding collection offers a more sustainable alternative to your favourite, luxurious cleansing experience. 


Currently 100% vegetarian, we will be 100% vegan by 2022, and we strive to take an ethical approach with every practice: “Our refillable programme is part of our ever-evolving sustainability journey. As we replenish and reuse, we’re gradually reducing our plastic consumption and waste, whilst nurturing our natural resources,” says Beatrice Descorps, Global Vice President, Marketing at Molton Brown.

Our new Hand Refills reduce single-use plastic and waste as 80% less plastic is required to make one pouch compared to two of our standard 300ml bottles. As our sustainable commitments grow, our refillable programme will evolve to include even more fragrances and categories. 


This collection features our iconic, bestselling and award-winning fragrances. High quality packaging: the Refill pouch material is robust so it’s less prone to damage or leakage. This helps reduce waste as there’s no need for additional product deliveries.

63% less plastic has been used to make one Refill compared to our standard bottles (standard bottles refers to a total of one 300ml and one additional 100ml bottle). Elegant and enduring, our keep-forever glass bottle is recyclable (excluding the pump). 

We’re always working hard to reduce our impact on the planet, especially our plastic footprint and landfill waste. Our long-term goal is to make our Refill pouches fully recyclable without compromising on their high quality.