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Byredo Makeup Flavoured Lip Balm

The limited-edition, highly-moisturising Flavoured Lip Balm comes in three unique flavours. Created with an ultra-nourishing 100% natural and vegan formula, one single coat is enough for hours of comfort. Housed in Byredo’s signature curvilinear metal casing, now in three new eye-catching pastel metallic shades. ​

Still in a 100% natural origin ingredients and vegan formula.Our highly moisturizing Lip Balm now comes with 3 delicateflavoursandcolouredpackaging, making it even more desirableA sumptuous formulation for performance and kindness,Byredo’sLip Balm is at the peak of the luxury market. A 100%natural, ultra-hydrating formula, smooth, gliding and genderless,one single coat is enough for hours of hydration.

Extremely nourishing formula thanks to natural oils and waxesthat combined deliver the highest level of moisture:

  • Castor seed oil
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Shea butter
  • Bran wax
  • Carnauba wax

Byredo Makeup Liquid Lipstick Vinyl

Colour-drenched saturation and addictive shine in a single stroke. With ten neutral nudes to choose from, Liquid Lipstick Vinyl nourishes and envelops lips with a high-wattage, glossy finish. The creamy vegan blend of oils and shea butter delivers hours of comfort thanks to its non-bleeding, non-sticky, and non-drying formulation. Offered in a range of cool, neutral and warm undertones, there’s a shade to suit every complexion/skin tone, with endless possibilities for instinctive expression.​

Water as a primal force, at once part of the body and apart from it, mutable, sensual and a reflector of emotions: this element is one of Lucia Pica and Ben Gorham’s key starting points for their reimagining of Byredo Makeup.

Embracing an idea of stripped-back simplicity and elegance, focusing on and enhancing the person without a mask of artifice, Pica’s conception of makeup begins with a statement of understatement: LIQUID LIPSTICK.

Utilising a neutral palette of high-pigmentation flesh tones – from the total transparency of Fantome, via rich beiges and browns such as Auburn to subtle reds like Scarlet River – LIQUID LIPSTICK invokes the power of delicate transformation for the wearer. 

Byredo Makeup Colour Stick Set

A multi-use stick to be used all over the face. Buildable coverage that is easy to apply and combine with other Byredo makeup products to further contrast and enhance. The colour stick comes in a variety of beautiful colour shades and finishes and is formulated with nourishing ingredients.


Dravite: An earthy dark brown with glittering bronze; for intense eyes or a 90s-inspired lip.

Vienna: A very transparent gold; the perfect dewy gloss on eyes, lips, or cheeks.

Ultramagnetic: A shapeshifting purple-blue with a glittering finish. Use it to create the ultimate iridescent eye.