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Town & Country, A Clive Christian Event

Skins Comsetics and Clive Christian recently celebrated the launch of their latest edition to The Crown Collection, Town & Country, in our Sandton store. 

Whilst their other crown Collection creations have come from the late 1800’s this perfume comes from the 1920’s; a time when the Crown Perfumery Company was still the height of popularity. Most importantly, this perfume was said to be worn by the great Winston Churchill.

Today they have recreated this scent to capture the elegance and freshness of the countryside and the sophisticated of London. From memories of Churchill’s loved residence as Prime Minister- Chequers in the Chiltern Hills (Buckinghamshire) to the bustling and sophisticated streets of Mayfair and Knightsbridge where you can still find lovers of the Crown Perfumery Company, through Clive Christian, today.