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ÙMÛ ÕRÅ - Luxury Skincare. Sustainably made in Africa.

ÙMÛ ÕRÅ is an All-Natural Luxury Skincare brand that encourages taking a bit of time for oneself, daily.
This simple philosophy is quietly woven into every product, each of which has been formulated
to offer a supremely luxurious feel while remaining Clean and Gentle.

The team spent two and a half years in the lab, working with the best cosmetic chemists,
ensuring they could achieve a global standard of luxury, using only African botanicals. 
Each product includes a masterful blend of Seasonal, Wild, and in most cases
Hand-Harvested; Oils, Butters, Extracts, and Actives.

From Morocco to Mozambique, ÙMÛ ÕRÅ works with a growing list of local farms, co-operatives,
and micro-entrepreneurs. Each supplier has been thoroughly vetted to meet a high standards
of sustainability and respect — for people and the planet.  They have created a range of products where
you can feel the Goodness in something as simple as a Hand Wash.

The offering is Clear + Concise.  They aim to take users back to a time when skincare was about
caring for skin, not cluttering your cupboards.  This is a brand where joy, indulgence, and natural collide. 
ÙMÛ ÕRÅ is serious about the results and the feeling of using Kind products.

You can now find these products in all Skins Cosmetics Stores and online