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Open your senses

Close your eyes, relax your shoulders and feel your body. The beating of your heart, the depth of your breathing and the warmth of your skin. Could you imagine a world where you were completely in your own power? Where you are free to feel, discover and connect without boundaries - with yourself and the world around you. It is the skin that connects our inner and outer world. It also brings all the other senses together into one. Open your senses to the world of Skins.

Back to the beginning

In 2000, co-founder Philip and childhood friend Michiel started talking. With a shared passion for entrepreneurship, they realized their shared dream for Skins Cosmetics. A cosmetics concept that shook up the market by being the first to bring international boutique brands exclusively to the Netherlands. Within a year, the duo opened the first store on the well-known Runstraat in Amsterdam. There was room for seven brands, including Aesop and Laura Mercier, followed by DIPTYQUE and Creed.

The evolution of our brand name

At Skins we believe that change is a natural path to growth. That is why we are evolving from Skins Cosmetics to Skins. The name is an ode to the skin, with different shapes, textures, colors and sensitivities. We have it all, but never the same. The skin is our largest and most impressive sense: we experience the warmth of an embrace, the cooling of nature or a velvety soft cream.

Bringing worlds together

We empower you by connecting, opening and enriching worlds. At Skins your inner world comes together with that of our experts and boutique brands . Your unique experience is always the most powerful connector.

The passion of experts

At the heart of our world you will find the Skins Experts. With expertise and passion, they take you into the wonderful stories behind the brands in our perfume, home and skincare collection. At Skins you will not only discover timeless icons and new creations, but also experiences to cherish forever.

Your authentic self

We want to get to know you personally. Who you are and want to be, what you desire and need deep inside. We embrace who you are now, but also broaden your horizons with unexpected scents, colors and textures. Whether we are meeting for the first time or already have a warm bond.

Brands we believe in

Passionate founders are at the helm of the more than 150 boutique brands in our portfolio. With their deep-rooted knowledge and vision, they develop formulas that we believe in. It is their own stories and personal sources of inspiration that connect the brands to us, each other and you.

The art of curation

Our standards have been high from the opening of our first boutiques. With a collection of almost 25 years of knowledge, experience and passion, we continue to evolve. We travel the world in search of stories, brands and products that move. This is the time to start your own journey of discovery. Our Skins Experts, both in our boutiques and in the e-boutique, are ready to embark on this adventure together.